Living on $200 a month gets you cereal, tofu, soy milk and happiness... What?!

When I told my family and close friends I was moving to New York City and living off of $200 spending money a month, people raised their eyebrows, questioned why I would even consider it, told me it was pretty much impossible, and foresaw that I’d be unhappy.

Moving to a city that is the pinnacle of popular culture, the capital of commercialism, one of the greatest shopping and food Meccas on the planet with any thing one could possibly want to get, eat, or do just a subway ride away- I knew it would not be the most comfortable of situations I’ve put myself in before.

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Thanksgiving beyond construction paper turkeys

My enthusiasm for sentimental holiday traditionalism has eroded increasingly with each passing year- especially for the Thanksgiving weekend. Over time, I learned the myths of our beloved national holiday and grew to dislike celebrating the propagandized day of peace which makes us forget about the horrendous years of domination and slaughter that were inflicted on the indigenous peoples of our country.

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